Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and are provided in a supportive and compassionate environment. 

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As an Allied Health Service, our team of experienced therapists provide services that are designed to help individuals with significant communication difficulties and other related conditions, such as swallowing disorders and cognitive impairments.  We specialise in assistive communication, including:
 (and these are the red headings that apply to us) Speech Generating Devices, ipads, Key Word Signing, PROMPT, low tech communication aids, access strategies, multi-disciplinary intervention, and Allied Health Assistants.
Speech and language assessments:

A comprehensive evaluation of a person’s speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing abilities to identify areas of difficulty and determine appropriate treatment goals.

Individual speech therapy:

One-on-one sessions with a speech-language pathologist to address specific communication needs, such as improving articulation, developing language skills, or enhancing fluency.

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC):

Assessment, training, and support for individuals who require non-verbal communication methods, such as sign language or speech-generating devices.

Swallowing therapy:

Treatment to improve swallowing function and prevent aspiration, which may involve exercises, diet modifications, or adaptive equipment.

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ACC Speech Solutions is conveniently located atThe Jessica Centre,
alongside Orthotic Solutions and Sunshine Coast Developmental Physiotherapy.
You can find us at 1&3a/66 Jessica Blvd in Minyama, QLD.